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A sweet stint – Quarter to seven !

Krish was convinced that he would catch “his girl” the next day around quarter to seven in the evening, as it was around that time he saw, rather gawked at her for the first time. While he was impatiently waiting for her in the porch of the same temple, thoughts showered like November hail in Chennai, too many in too little time. “She must be an iyer for sure”, ” how will i convince her parents ?”, “forget that, how will i convince my parents, which is next to impossible”, “how will i make her elope with me in the worst case”, “what is the probability of her accepting me ?”, “As if you knew how to compute the probability”. Before the next irrelevant thought could foray into his reckless brain, he heard the voice, “Son, please decide to enter or leave the temple as your are blocking the way”. “Aah, sorry sir, i was lost in thought”.

“Time vs complexity of thoughts must be directly proportional”, Krish said to himself. It was more than twenty minutes and there was no sign of her. Every other person who came in was at least twice her age. Krish behaved like a kid of the kinder-garden who would have a peek every other minute at the door awaiting his mom, after the final bell. “Twenty five minutes and 55 seconds since i came here and there is no sign of her”. A more sensible but sad thought pricked him, “What if she originally belongs to another city and yesterday was her last day in this place”. ” Please God, let this not be true, please” was something he wished from the bottom of his heart as he walked out into the street. “Good things does not last long”. No, this was not Krish’s mind voice. These were the words of a stout middle-aged woman to bunch of women of her same age as they were taking a leisurely evening stroll past him. “Thanks for the words of wisdom” Krish enunciated aloud sarcastically which made the stout woman giggle in elation much to the displeasure of Krish. He increased his pace to avoid overhearing another bunch of even older women. In doing so he tripped failing to notice the platform for walking and was about to hit the ground face down, but managed to land on his palms.

The next thing he noticed getting up was his girl on the other end of the road on her way to the temple with her friend. “Wow, she has an amazing sense of dress” Kirsh said balancing himself. A peach colored top with a golden embroidery where it ends at her wrists and a matching cream colored frock. Her medium sized ears were studded with simple circular silver ear-rings, which according to Krish would not have looked good on any other girl. Single non-metal bracelet on each of her wrists seemed that she was not an ornament-obsessed girl. Little did he notice that he had scratched his palms badly and was bleeding. “I think she stays nearby”, Krish mumbled to himself rubbing his blood stained palms. It was worth the fall for Krish, but a single thought ran into him with a surging pain every few minutes on that night, “Aah, I could have fallen gracefully…”

To be continued…

  1. RK
    October 17, 2010 at 11:28

    Nice… keep going!!

  2. October 17, 2010 at 23:04

    Did you ever want to be a movie director?? 😀

  3. Piyasa
    October 19, 2010 at 07:21

    Hey Srikant

    This is a cute story. Waiting for the next half 🙂

  1. January 2, 2011 at 12:06

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