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A sweet stint – Welcome guests !

Krish was always on time to the temple like a new employee trying to please his manager. This was his first time to stick to a schedule for more than four weeks in a row since he left school. Honestly, the real credit should go to his mom for pushing him to school during his early days. His mom would have to play a very agitating game of hide and seek, not with Krish, but with his pair of shoes. He would have thrown both in the attic. That sounds simple, does it ?. No, it doesn’t look as simple as it sounds. Krish was clever to throw one of the pair in his neighbor’s attic, changing the neighbor every time.

It was time for Krish’s turn to experience the same frustration his mom had experienced in persuading him to reveal where he has hidden his shoes, when he was stopped by his mom to defer his visit to the temple that day owing to meet his dad’s relatives who were expected that evening at seven. “Mom, but i can’t miss the schedule”. “Krish, you missed to pay your mobile bill for the fifth time in a row ?”, his mom retorted sarcastically, adding “Moreover, your dad would not be pleased if you skip to meet them. He wanted me to make sure you stay”. “Mom, you don’t get it, I would miss to see…’, words slipped from his mouth in trying to persuade his mom. “See who, Krish ?”. Krish paused for a moment and managed saying, “I meant, seek His blessings, seek His blessings…”, running to face his mom in the kitchen so that she heard his corrected version clearly. His mom was busy preparing snack items for their guests that she didn’t take his strange activity and slippery words seriously.

“Are you planning to redo the flooring to our hall ?”, questioned his sister who returned from work. “No, why would i?”, Krish retorted angrily. “Then why are you walking the length and breadth of the hall ?”, his sister replied with a smirk. “Very funny, Preetha”, came Krish’s angry reply. “Mom, why is Krish in a bad mood ?”, whispered Preetha making her way into the Kitchen. “You know, Dad’s nephew Raghavan has moved into town and he is paying his long due visit today. Krish wants to ‘Seek Blessings’ by skipping to meet them”, replied Krish’s mom loud enough for Krish to hear. “Mom, what’s wrong with that ?”, Krish joined his mom and sister in the kitchen and tried to reply softly still grinding his teeth and trying to control his anger thinking that this might ruin his chances of getting out of the house, if there was any. “Krish, Athiti Devo Bava (meaning: Guests are Gods in human form). So you can seek their blessing”, Preetha replied, this time with huge grin. His mercurial blood surged to exceed the all time highest temperature of Chennai, his hometown.

Kirsh’s patience limit is like a wet clay when he is being ridiculed or being sworn, you can punch, crunch and roll it over a bulldozer, it won’t break. But it is like the same clay made into a pot, which breaks on a single fall in certain issues. And denying a visit to see his girl tops the list. Krish glared form his mom to his sister. His face turned scarlet and ears even more. “This is is the right opportunity Kirsh, leave now, leave now” echoed his mind voice . As the mind voice died, his outside voice echoed the kitchen,”I have had enough, i am leaving now and i will handle dad”, and he started waking out the kitchen towards the door, only to stop at the door where his dad was unlacing his shoes. “Where are you off to, Krish ?. “I heard you say about handling something. What was it about ?”. Krish struggled for words. He didn’t want to upset his dad. Actually, he was not used to confronting his dad angrily. “Yes dad, i was telling mom that i will be here to handle our relatives”. “Handle ?”, his dad replied, confused. ” I meant, to treat them in a good way”, Krish replied clearing his throat trying to suppress his anger.

“Great, all this happens on a day when i plan to talk to her”, Krish headed back to his room mumbling. Though, he had no plans to talk to her until then, he was frustrated by the fact that he was denied of an opportunity to see her.

To be continued…

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