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A sweet stint – Magically

After the last incident, Krish would vanish into thin air (actually below his couch which was his secret hide-out until the previous week when he revealed himself in a hurry after spotting a lizard which had reserved its berth) whenever he had a little clue that his mom would make him stay home for a visiting relative. “Why would they have to come at night, Mom, (and exactly at 6:45, mumbling to himself) as if they do not have any soaps to watch at night ? “, Krish grumbled dusting himself up from underneath the couch when his mom was complaining about Krish’s absence to his sister. “And, you could have cleaned the rest of the couch while you were hiding in there”, replied his sister watching Krish struggle with the cobweb crowning his head. “Krish, i was talking about Prema’s relatives who will bunk in for a few minutes until she returns from her cooking class”, his mom added. “Thank God !. Speaking of which, i am off to the temple”, Krish sighed and walked out with a huge grin. “Ma, i think he is chasing some girl !”, her sister whispered making sure he has left the room. “Come on Preetha. Krish is a sweet boy and if there is any such thing, i am sure that he is one being chased”, retorted her Mom before bursting into laughter. No need to mention her sister, who continued laughing for a few more minutes.

“This is it. Krish, you have to stop finding excuses and talk to her like this is the last day before your turn your homework in. It doesn’t matter if you have prepared the material or not, turn it in to have a chance of scoring.” He could not imagine the analogy of the second sentence he just said. “Okay”, he took a deep breath, “yes, i have to do it”, he muttered under his breath and entered his room taking a seat by the clock.

Krish was inside temple, hands folded, sincerely praying for the test of his life which was only a few minutes away. He was now a master of his girl’s route in and around the worship place. He could guess where she would turn and where she would skip a step with amazing precision. After calculating the time for her to get out, he waited outside the porch after he saw her entering the temple. This was the first time he met her in the eye and they exchanged super fast looks. It was like Michael Schumacher meeting eye-on-eye with a random onlooker, while racing. This glance of her’s inundated his already overflowing adrenalin. For the first time he observed time flying, waiting for her. She stepped outside, three and a half minutes early. “This margin of error is unusual. What have i done ?”, he thought.

Krish was sweating like a dog playing under the Chennai heat. Before he could open his mouth or he could wipe his sweat dripping from his forehead she spoke in a mild voice, “Can i speak with you for a moment ?”,while she was stepping down the flight of a 4-step stair case in to the exit. It was so quick and hardly without any lip movement, like the phrase “mutual funds are subject to market risks” at the end of a TV commercial. “For a moment ?, i am willing to listen to you for the rest of my life”, echoed Krish’s mind voice. “Thanks”, he replied. The next moment he hit his head with his right palm and pretended to wipe his sweat off. “Out of all the words, you chose ‘Thanks’. Such an idiot. What will she think of me ?” thought Krish. “uh hum(clearing his throat) Sure”, he corrected and after a few seconds pause he continued, “humm, i am Krish”. “What happened to hi, you idiot”, his mind criticized him again.

“Hi, i am Anunya. I know you have been following me for some time. It sounds crazy, but..”, she stopped and waited for a girl to pass by. “I am doomed. God, please let there be no elder brother waiting to kick my arse. I have just started taekwondo and i can barely lift my leg waist high”, was his first thought. Strangely, his wavering mind rejected the possibility of her telling him to stop following her because she had a boy friend. “I think i like you. Can we meet sometime and talk ?”, she completed. Krish could not believe what he just heard. For a moment time froze and the only thing he could see was his girl standing before him. He wanted to run wildly like Shoaib Akthar after claiming Sachin’s wicket.

It took a while for the message to sink in to him and his feet to feel the earth. “uh, hmm, of course, why not?”, came his stuttering reply. “Thanks Krish, say Thanks”, reverberated his mind. He wanted to talk right now and pour his feelings for her. But, bearing the fact that it was already quarter past eight and he hardly manages to get up around 02:00 PM for lunch on Saturdays he said, “Saturday afternoon, 2:30 ?…err sorry 3:30. i… ?” . He wanted to tell her that he had never been early to break fast on a Saturday, but swallowed his words thinking she might not like him. “Okay, where can we meet ?”, she retorted and checked for onlookers. Everything, but a good place to meet ran through his mind. “What would be a good location ?”, he asked himself. He started looking up the starts tapping his foot and scratching his ears hoping something would pop-up. But, these gestures never helped Krish, nor anyone. He looked at her sheepishly now and then hoping that she would fill in. “Okay, please don’t mistake me, but, i have to go now. Here is my number”, she said taking out her mobile phone and checking the time. “Text me the location. See you on Saturday”, she said and left the place swiftly after flashing him a good bye smile.

Krish was still dumbstruck with what just happened and was reliving the moment, until she came back and said cooly, “Krish, would you like some tea with biscuits ?”. “What…., wait Anun..?”, before he could take another look at her pretty face he was blinded by a flash of light. In the wink of an eye everything around him changed and seemed familiar, it was as if he was pulled out from the silvery white gaseous liquid of pensieve (from Harry Potter). He looked bewildered. The next thing he saw was his Mom in front of him with a plate of biscuits and a cup of tea. It was like an episode from Harry Potter, except that he was no Harry Potter and there was no Dumbledore around to seek wisdom. His mom repeated, “Krish, get up it is only quarter past seven. Bunking your temple visit, huh ?”. “No way” retorted Krish rushing out of his room hurriedly with a mixed feeling of happiness and longing. “Have some of these before you leave”, was only an indistinct voice to Krish who was already out on the streets.

To be continued…

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