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April 22, 2007 12 comments

Fewer are the days,

left in college life

i look upon the ways,

to bend back the knife.

Back bench chatting

during the class

and talked about dating

when we were in the mass.

To see the class filled

was a rarer sight,

but chatting together found us thrilled,

never sounded odd and always pretty light.

Last minute study

was always on the cards

and when we were ready

we took out our swords.

It was hard listening lectures

with some taking notes

and some clicking pictures,

but all won their votes.

We may not be together

for the rest of our lives,

running hither and thither

to pacify our wives.

Fewer are the days,

hard to fetch

but there are numerous ways

to keep in touch !!!

In praise of my classmates…

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About the Film “Swades”, We the people

October 7, 2006 14 comments

A few words about the film director.


Ashutosh Gowariker is an Indian actor, writer, producer and director.Ashutosh started his career as an actor in Ketan Mehta’s Holi in 1984.He has also acted in several films.No Indian can forget his film Lagaan(2001) which was nominated for an Academy award for the best foreign Language film.Being an Indian i have become a die hard fan of his direction and screenplays.

courtesy : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashutosh_Gowarikar

This film, Swadesh starts with the introduction of Mohan Bhargav (played by Shahrukh khan) Project manager in NASA for building an important satellite to monitor our planet’s weather.Then the film slowly moves into the path of what it was supposed to be. Mohan as a child was very much attached to his nanny, Kaveri amma(Kishori Ballal). In the midst of his materialistic life in US he feels a sudden urge to visit the only person he could relate to, his nanny. hence, he starts off to India.


After reaching Delhi he finds that his nanny was residing in an old-age home and later taken back by Geetha (Gayatri joshi) to her village,Charanpur. Having learnt this, he heads off to that village. “yuhi chala..” song during his journey to the village best describes the traditional values of our country.(great score!!!)

He is dumb struck to see a Village without proper electricity and basic amenities. He persuades his nanny to come with him .But, Geetha who had brought her to the village is reluctant to leave such a wonderful person who had supported her and her younger brother after they lost their parents. She also happens to be Mohan’s childhood friend. Puzzled Mohan decides to spend some more days in the village hoping to win his nanny back. In the meantime, he finds that Geetha is helping educate the kids in the village. He is moved by her unselfish act and decides to help her in getting all working kids to school and also prevents the school being taken over by the village panchayat.


The lights of the postmaster Nivaran (Rajesh Vivek) and the cook “Mela naam”(Dayashankar Pandey) characters is a pleasure to watch. They bring in some light moments into the film. In due course they take up important roles in bringing people together.

The film gets a move here. Mohan helps in removing the social evils like untouchability and racialism that has long been prevailing in that village. “yeh tara oh tara….” make one think and also to tap his feet. One of my all time favourites .


The director had very carefully chosen his crew. Every single character in the film justified their roles aptly. All are worth a mention.

While visiting a nearby village, Mohan witnesses the poverty of the families and his thought to improve their economic condition strengthens. He empathizes with their helplessness which makes him prolong his stay and strengthens his determination to help them. He plans to improve the condition of his village. He starts with a plan to generate electricity from a stream of water from the near by hills and succeeds in it with the help of the villagers. He gains the respect all, including geetha.


The stage play score “Pal Pal hai bhaari…” is a top notch instrumental one.
Mohan receives a call from his friend in NASA that the project is in its final stage and his presence is a must. Having no other option he half-halfheartedly leaves to America leaving with memories of the village where he found true and unconditional love and learnt the social and traditional values of his country.

yet another song which arouses the patriotism in us..”yeh jo desh hai mera…” sung by A.R.Rahman is really touching. The music and the way the instrument,”shehnai” is used in this song is brilliant.

There are no words to praise the director for making such a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. A film which made my eyes watery and also to think about my country. Many of my friends felt the same. I don’t know whether i have justified the movie to what it deserves.

A.R.Rahman’s music is heart filling and makes us empathize the situation. No words to praise the background score. It is one of those must-have-seen movies. This is one of my all time favourite and i deeply feel that it deserves full credit.

Hope this blog will make u watch the movie !

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Friends in(r) my life…to the discovery of my best pal

September 9, 2006 10 comments

The definition of friend has changed a thousand times for me right from my school days. The first one would sound funny which is ” one who shares his pencil with u”. this was one of those thousand definitions. i wont mention the rest because this blog won’t sound serious and u cant help laughing at it.

Lookin back at my kinder garden days ,i had a friend for whom i was ready to do anything plausible. i can recollect an incident where i tore the shirt of my class mate who quarreled with him. There are many such incidents , not all of those involve tearing and fighting stuffs.He bcame one of my close friends( there are few more of them).

As i climbed the ladder of time my definitions gradually changed , obviously better than my first. For people who believe in Sunsigns , the Geminis are very caring people who respect and value their friends a lot. No wonder iam an gemini and i do possess the qualities of a typical Gemini, infact more than the one i mentioned when it comes to friends. But i never took these things serious until i finished my schooling.Now i just have a simple question for u guys, how will u identify a true friend ? . sorry i too dont have an answer for that, but some how i think , at least my heart says that i have a friend who will be with me for the rest of my life. The best answer for that question would be to choose ur own ideas , may be u can test them with a few intuitive questions, please dont ask for the Questions,but i can suggest one thing be natural & don’t be on the asking side alone.

i heard people say that distance is not a big deal for friendship, but my opinion is that it really helps to strengthen the bond, but i didnt have that opportunity of having a friend close to my residence .People who are not in possession of a thing they need are the best ones to ask how they miss it. It was during the 2nd year i realised this and started to think who is my true friend, doesn’t mean that others are not. I am really gifted with friends, especially my college friends. i should thank God for blessing with such wonderful set of friends.

There are moments when i had felt that i had no one to share my feelings and just to be with and hang around.But now i hope that iam not into such feelings anymore, thanks to my college .Though college life is shorter than the school , this is the place where u find ur true com best friends , if lucky your lifepartner too.
If iam not wrong many would have not thought about about this question of identifying their true friend . For people who have not stepped into college life i sincerely advice them to catch hold of atleast one such friend early in their college life, to be more open u must have a friend who just follows you and it should also be the other way.No need to give up your personal policies , a good friend never asks you to do things which u are not comfortable with i.e against ur policies.

once u identify him its a crime not to share everything with him, they help you get rid of any problem, no matter how big they are and u never feel alone.This is what my personal experience says. so go find ur true friends because there is no life without friends.Though i havn’t mentioned his name in this blog and anything related to him he is out there in my heart.i could share a whole lot about him in my future blog.

i dedicate this to my dear friends.Thanks for patiently reading my blog.

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I am Srikanth, a Master’s student in Computer Engineering at the University of Florida .Well ! about me, i am very friendly,adjustable and open-minded person. Very optimistic and love being with persons who care about others.Very much attached to my friends after my family.

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